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P.O. Box 721115
San Jose, CA 95172


  PAAF Membership Information

Membership to the Police Amateur Athletic Foundation is open to all employees of the San Jose Police Department, retirees of the department and other Law Enforcement personnel.

The annual membership fee of $91 goes towards funding of San Jose Police Department sports teams as well as partial reimbursement of fees to the Western States Police and Fire Games and to the World Police and Fire Games. Your generous donations also make it possible for PAAF to make donations to various local charities and youth programs, as well as the Annual Children’s Holiday Toy Drive.

All fees are 100% tax deductible. Members also receive a gift from PAAF every two years as a small token of our appreciation.

Active SJPD employees must enroll in PAAF via eWay. (eWay is the web-based system for employees to manage their benefits, change address, view paycheck, etc.). The link to eWay is:
Instructions for Active SJPD employees to enroll at eWay are available in:
PAAF eWay Sign-Up

If you would like to become a PAAF member, please complete the application and mail to :

Attn: Membership
P.O. Box 721115
San Jose, CA 95172

If you are a retiree or are a non-SJPD member, include a check in the amount of $91 made payable to PAAF with your completed application.

Membership Application