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Robert "Bob" Kosovilka

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Bob began his career with the San Jose Police Department in 1963. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1974. Bob worked the Burglary Prevention Unit (BPU) and Motors. He retired in 1989. Bob attended Camden High School and San Jose City College.

Bob competed in his first motocross race with his son in 1982 at the Bay Lands MX Track in Fremont. He immediately realized how physically demanding motocross was on the body and mind. Bob trained hard to reach a high level of competition. Bob’s training consisted of gym work, weight training, and riding his mountain bike over 100 miles a week. Once a month, he rode his mountain bike from San Jose to Santa Cruz.

Bob sometimes raced 6 races in a day for a total of 120 minutes of hard racing. Most of the time, these races were run in over 100 degree temperatures. On weekends, he would travel all over Northern California to race the best competitors he could find.


Bob competed in Motocross at the California Police Olympics for 18 years. He competed in five events: 125cc, 250cc, 450cc, 4 Stroke, and Open. Bob won a total of 78 medals: 29 gold, 22 silver, and 27 bronze. One year, Bob won five gold medals in all five events he entered.  Another year, he won four gold medals and one silver medal. In 1984, Bob received a Letter of Commendation from Mayor Tom McEnery for his outstanding performance at that year’s California Police Olympics. McEnery said, “Your outstanding finishes in the Motocross competition is an effort we can all be proud of. It is indeed an honor to have such great competitors as you and the entire San Jose Police Department representing the City of San Jose.”

Since retiring, Bob continued to compete with the Bay Over The Hill Gang Club. In 2007, he finished 3rd nationally, 2009 4th nationally, 2010 & 2011 1st nationally, 2012 4th nationally and in 2013 3rd nationally.

Bob said, “I set my goal to be the best representative of the San Jose Police Department I could be.”

For his outstanding athletic accomplishments, Sgt. Robert Kosovilka is inducted into the Police Amateur Athletic Foundation Hall of Fame.

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