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Michael Katherman Scholarship

This scholarship was created in memory of fallen San Jose Police Officer Michael Katherman who was killed in an on-duty motorcycle crash on June 14, 2016. Officer Katherman served the San Jose Police Department for 11 years. Officer Katherman is survived by his wife, two children, parents, and brother.


Officer Katherman was a PAAF member and passionate about the sport of basketball. He played basketball at Valley Christian High School in San Jose, CA and Simpson University in Redding, CA. He also competed at the Police Olympics.

Each year, PAAF awards one member of the West Valley Basketball Club (WVBC) a scholarship to help cover their travel team expenses. PAAF chose WVBC because they are a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of student athletes. They specialize in the sport of basketball, using it as a metaphor for life, by teaching individual skills for the personal development of each athlete.  They also provide athletes an opportunity to display their talents in front of college coaches so they can be evaluated and possibly offered a chance to continue their career as student athletes.

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