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Jorge Gonzalez

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Jorge Gonzalez with PAAF President, Jessica Welker

Jorge began his Law enforcement career with the Gilroy Police Department in 1974. While there he worked Undercover Drug Enforcement and Patrol. In 1979 He was hired by the San Jose Police Department. Jorge was promoted to Sergeant in 1996. As an officer, Jorge worked Patrol, was a Detective in the Burglary Unit, the FTO Program and Motors in the Traffic Enforcement Unit. He also worked the Burglary Prevention Unit (BPU) and was a part of the very successful “Rosie’s Undercover Sting Operation.” As a Sergeant he worked Patrol, the FTO Program, Cruise Management Detail, Traffic Enforcement / Motors.


Jorge attended Long Fellow Elementary School, Peter Burnett Jr High School and Abraham Lincoln High School all in San Jose. In High School he played Football his sophomore year and was on the Wrestling Team his sophomore year to his senior year. While in high school he also studied Martial Arts for three years. After high school he went on to San Jose City College.


Jorge began competing in the California Police Olympics in 1975. He has also competed in the California Police Summer Games, the National Law Enforcement Games in Nevada, the Western States Police & Fire Games, the United Stated Police & Fire Championships, the International Police Games in Arizona, the World Police & Fire Games, the International Law Enforcement Olympics in Sydney, Australia, the California Police Winter Games and the International Police Winter Games. He has won the following medals:


  • 2 Gold Medals in Wrestling

  • 2 Gold Medals in Golf

  • 2 Gold Medals in Water Skiing

  • 1 Gold Medal in Toughest Cop Alive (TCA)

  • 1 Gold Medal in Skiing, Slalom Race

  • 1 Gold Medal in Skiing, Slalom Downhill Race

  • 4 Silver Medals in Golf

  • 3 Silver Medals in Wrestling

  • 2 Silver Medals in Water Skiing

  • 3 Bronze Medals in Water Skiing

  • 2 Bronze Medals in Toughest Cop Alive (TCA)

  • 2 Bronze Medals in Skiing, Super G Downhill Race

  • 1 Bronze Medal in Golf

  • 1 Bronze Medal in Wrestling

  • 1 Bronze Medal in Skiing, Giant Slalom

  • 1 Bronze Medal in Skiing, Cross Country Race


For his outstanding athletic accomplishments, Sgt. Jorge Gonzalez is inducted into the Police Amateur Athletic Foundation Hall of Fame.

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